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Kalmar Ottawa has been part of the Ottawa, KS community since it first became a legal entity in 1943 as Ottawa Steel Products, Inc. making attachments for farm equipment.  Since these early days of Ottawa Steel Products the company has gone through many different products and name changes but is known for its current product, the terminal tractor and the name Ottawa Truck.  The Kalmar name did not appear until more recently in the mid-2000’s when Ottawa Truck was purchased by Cargotec.patent_collage2015
Kalmar Ottawa not only invented the product but is the global leader in the terminal tractor business, producing over 60,000 units, more than all of its competitors combined.  Kalmar Ottawa trucks are known for their superior quality and reliability, which is directly attributed to the employees in Ottawa, KS.  If you’d like to join this market leading company visit the Job Listings page to see what opportunities are currently available.
Kalmar Ottawa’s parent company, Cargotec, is a worldwide provider of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centers and heavy industry.  Cargotec’s headquarters are in Helsinki Finland and operate in over 100 countries, employing 11,000 professionals worldwide.  Kalmar has offices and opportunities all across the globe, for a full list of openings visit the global website by clicking here.